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State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis for Industrial Equipment (Dalian University of Technology)
The State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis for Industrial Equipment founded at Dalian University of Technology in 1991, was supported by the second batch of national key discipline development projects with a loan from the World Bank. Starting the feasibility demonstration in 1988, the Laboratory received recognition from the State Planning Committee, and began construction in 1991. The Laboratory was checked and accepted for opening by National Education Committee in May, 1995. The State Key Laboratory successfully passed the assessment twice in the years of 2003 and 2008. The fist director of the Laboratory was Prof. Gengdong Cheng, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the second was Prof. Yuanxian Gu, who won the honor of National Outstanding Middle-aged and Young Expert and the first batch of chair professors of Cheung Kong Scholar Program. Prof. Bangchun Wen, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences from Northeast University, was the chairman of its Academic Committee for two consecutive terms. Currently Prof. Shanyi Du, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, is appointed by the Ministry of Education as the chairman of the academic committee and Prof. Hongwu Zhang, chair professor of Cheung Kong Scholar Program, is the director of the Laboratory. Focused on the innovative study of fundamental theories, numerical algorithms, software realization and the experimental technology of computational mechanics and engineering science computation, the task of the Laboratory is to investigate crucial mechanical problems and the multidisciplinary coupled problems in the major industrial structures and equipments. The Laboratory is aiming at obtaining the original innovation achievements and independent intellectual property rights, solving the front problems of engineering science and providing the technical guarantee for the independent research, development, design, manufacture and safe operation of the corresponding national industrial equipments. The main research orientations and contents include: 1) Theories and method of computational mechanics and engineering science computation. The Laboratory makes an intensive study of the original innovative theoretical system and method of computational mechanics, related to the structure and equipment analysis of modern industry. 2) Modern theory and algorithm of structural optimization. The Laboratory carries out the research of multidisciplinary optimization and its algorithm, and develops the design theory and method of structural and material optimization. 3) Development and application of research on large-scale engineering computational software system. The Laboratory makes scientific research on the high efficient algorithm facing the new generation of computational software platform of science and engineering. Carry out the research of basic theory and implementation technique on large scale engineering computational software system adapted to the environment of modern software and hardware. Research and develop the new generation of computational mechanics software platform. 4) Experiment, analysis and assessment of major projects and industrial structures and equipments under complex circumstances. The Laboratory carries out the research into innovation theory and experimental technique faced on the analysis and evaluation of mayor practical engineering and industrial structures/equipments. The laboratory makes initiative advances in the research of the analysis, design and manufacture of the future-faced advanced materials, industrial structures and equipments. The representative research achievements made by the Laboratory include: 1) the basic theories and methods of analytical structural mechanics; 2) basic theories, methods and its applications of structural optimization; 3) high-efficient algorithm of engineering science, research & development and application of CAE software; 4) crucial technical research on the structural analysis and evaluation of ocean engineering equipments; 5) research on some mechanics problems in micro-nanometer and bionics fabrication field etc. The Laboratory has won dozens of national and provincial awards for scientific achievements, published a great number of high-quality papers and gained many patents of invention. The staffs of the Laboratory have received many invitations and made general presentations in both international and domestic important academic conferences. The Laboratory collaborates with a group of important industrial enterprises in China, providing technical support for a series of important industrial application and technical development of mechanical equipments and national defense industries etc. The related engineering projects include: aeronautic and astronautic structure, equipment of deep sea oil developing, turbomachinery, heavy haul train and high-speed train, ultra-light material and structure and heavy manipulators, etc. The Laboratory achieved a series of achievements with independent intellectual property rights, and cultivated many high-level professional talents for the country's development in the field of structural analysis of industrial equipments and structures. Based on the faculty of vehicle engineering and mechanics of Dalian University of Technology, the Laboratory possesses one first-class national key discipline of Mechanics, three second-class national key disciplines, consisting of Engineering Mechanics, Solid Mechanics and Design and Manufacturing of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure, and two postdoctoral stations of Mechanics and Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering. There are 56 faculty members in the Laboratory, including 37 doctoral tutors, 32 full professors, and 17 associate professors. Among them, two are famous academicians of Chinese academy of sciences, Prof. Wanxie Zhong and Prof. Gengdong Cheng, who are the pacemakers of the scientific field, two are chair professors of Cheung Kong Scholar Program, five are the winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, six are the New Century Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education. The Laboratory carries out the international and domestic academic communication and exchanges widely, establishes stable cooperative relationship with over 20 oversea universities and scientific research academies. At present, two staff members are appointed as the members of executive committee (or vice president of executive committee) of three international academic committees, one as director of international academic organization, eight as the editor (or associate chief editor) of 21 international academic journals. The Laboratory has good reputation and important influence among the academic peers at home and abroad. Since the opening in 1993, the Laboratory has examined and approved nine batches of projects and attracted a great number of talents to work in the Laboratory. In recent years, the Laboratory won two Collaboration Research Funds for Oversea Young Scholars and Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to University by Ministry of Education. Every year, faculty members of the Laboratory go abroad for academic exchanges and attend international academic conferences over 50 times. Every year, the Laboratory invites about 25 foreign experts to deliver the lectures and holds 5 international and domestic academic conferences. With the strong support from Dalian University of Technology, the Laboratory aims to realize the self-development and informationization of national major equipments. With the research background of mechanics and multidisciplinary coupled problems in major industrial equipments, structural engineering and high technology, the Laboratory will make basic research on the innovation applications in the filed of computational mechanics and engineering science computation, enhance the interdisciplinary collaboration in mechanics with advanced manufacturing, micro electro mechanical systems(MEMS), material science, bio-medical engineering, and provide the technical supports for the equipment design, manufacturing and safe operation. The Laboratory is going to play a significantly important role of taking charge of national basic research projects and major engineering projects, and reach the international advanced level in aspects of applied basic research, scientific research foundation, academic groups building, and cultivation of talents, etc.
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