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 Some Frontier Problems of Computational Mechanics and Multi-Field Coupling in Digital Tool for Development of Complex Equipment
 Structural and Multi-disciplinary optimization methods considering uncertainty and multi-function
 Design theories and methods for new generation integrated software platform for computational mechanics
 Theories and methods on hot forming of auto body high strength steel (HSS) which is belong to the project entitled “Digital design of auto body lightweight and crash safety”
 Project “Evolution mechanisms and computational model for modeling of progressive failure process of geo-structures” under the program entitled “Theoretical and numerical studies for prediction of failure process of infrastructures due to geologic disaste
 The study on dynamic features of pantograph and overhead line interaction in high speed
 “The multi-functional design of structural ultra-light porous material” in the project of “The basic research of the multi-functional applications of ultra-light porous materials and its composition structure”
 Research on the design principle of multi-machine for simultaneous stability and same life
 Life-cycle performance monitoring, prototype validation and safety assessment for deepwater platform structures
 Multi-physical and multi-scale damage model of re-manufacturing objects
 Optimization for polymer molding process and mold design
 Reliability theory of deepwater oil and gas transportation systems
 Loading capacity evaluation and sensitivity analysis of large load-bearing composite components with manufacturing damages
 Lightweight design theory and method of grid stiffened cylinder shell allowing for imperfection sensitivity
 Studies of complex flow mechanism and numerical simulations of aerodynamics and thermodynamics of multi-physics field covering flow regimes of aerospace craft
 Key technologies of design and test of subsea flexible pipe and its auxiliaries
 Seismic analysis techniques of buried pipeline and software platforms for service safety of key components
 Research on prototype monitoring technique for deepwater platform structures
 Sloshing in FLNG/FLPG tank
 Liwan 3-1 Oil and Gas Field Corrosion Monitoring and Anticorrosion System Design
 Research on the whole life cycle corrosion monitoring and control system of the deep-water semi-submersible lifting pipelaying barge
 Influence and the countermeasure on stability of seabed structure foundation during the decomposition of shallow hydrates in deep water
 Solvable formulation and convergence algorithms for structural optimization problems with bounded uncertainties
 Multilevel Modeling and Computational Method for Mechanical Analysis of Fluid-Saturated Porous Media
 Seismic failure modes of large structures and damage-reduction system optimum design
 Studies on Integrated Numerical Simulation Platforms for Disaster Evolution of Civil Infrastructure under Strong Wind and Earthquake
 Multifunctional Design Method of Aircraft Load-bearing Structures for Additive Manufacturing
 Random response of some classes of hysteretic systems subjected to excitations of Poisson white noise and its filtered processes
 The controllable mechanical behavior of the fluid-filled carbon nanotubes in the electro-mechanical field
 Thermal-mechanical analysis of laser-driven non-contact transfer printing for flexible electronics
 Mechanism of smart soft materials enabled new dynamically controllable transfer printing for flexible electronics
 Dynamic fracture behavior of multi-cracked functionally graded electro-magneto-elastic composite materials
 Dynamic Contact Analysis of Flexible Multibody Systems With Nested Topological Structure
 Research on damage mechanism of filament-wound composites considering winding and curing process
 Multiscale optimization of composite frame structure with frequency constraint and its singular optimum
 A study of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms towards the convergence and efficiency of structural topology optimization
 Imperfection-Sensitivity and Optimal Design of Multi-level Grid Stiffened Shell
 Design and development of open style software system for structural topology optimization
 Analytical Singular Finite Elements for Analysis of Dynamic and Viscoelastic Fracture Mechanics
 Second-order computational homogenization method for two scale analysis of coupled hydro- mechanical process in unsaturated granular materials
 Study and optimal design on the principle of the energy absorption structures based on the technology of surface self-nanocrystallization
 Numerical simulation and experimental study of supersonic free falling and control of a parachute-capsule system
 A scaled boundary method with adaptive algorithm in time domain for viscoelastic problems.
 Dynamics and control of the distributed tethered solar power satellite system on the geo-synchronous orbit
 Dynamic mechanical behavior and strengthening-toughening mesomechanisms of high-performance magnesium alloy based hybrid nanocomposites
 High performance decoupling parallel algorithm for large-scale unstructured tetrahedral mesh generation
 High performance and structure-preserving numerical methods for Hamiltonian dynamics systems
 Heat Impacting Fatigue and Bionic Protecting Technology of the Key Components in Nuclear Equipment
 Method of Underwater Explosion for Determining Equation-of-State Parameters of Detonation Products
 Numerical and Theoretical Study on the Plastic Deformation and Fracture Behavior of Nanotwinned Materials
 Research on exact geometry-based Quasi-conforming analysis method
 The Aero-lifting Performance and Hydrodynamic Loading of WIG (Wing-In-Ground) in the Presence of Complex Ocean Environmental Conditions
 Future trend of civil engineering and engineering mechanics
 Discrete element model for sea ice dynamic-thermodynamic process and its application
 Theoretical Research on Topology Design of Absorption Material and Structure
 Instrument development for inspecting dynamic buckling behavior of composite structures
 Highly Efficient Vibro-acoustic Analysis of Structures with Random Parameters
 Fluid flow and mass transfer enhancement of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in periodic tubes for pulsatile flow
 Research on Computational Methods in Friction Stir Welding with Consideration of Microstructural Changes
 Non-linear high-order meshfree method for strain localization-fracture in saturated porous media
 Principal Value Seperation Radial Integration BEM and Its Application in Nonlinear Problems
 Pivotal technique for Design and Construction of Deepwater Semi-submersible drilling platform
 The grad for innovating and developing drugs
 The Application of Modern Design of Perforating Gun in Marine Petroleum Development
 The researches on designing pipelay stingers for deepwater sub-sea pipeline-lay barge and its homemade technology
 Surface behaviors and mechanical properties of f huge heavy-weight manipulator under discontinuous movement
 Advanced Design Optimization Theory of Ultralight Porous Materials and Structures
 The Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Simulation for Physical Properties of Materials
 Computer-aided Hi-throughput Technique based on Systematic biology and their implementation platform
 A multi-factor performance evaluation method of shipbuilding based on earned value management
 Research on the Mechanism of Nano-oxide Multi-gas Detonation Synthesis
 Constitutive Relationship of Shape Memory Alloys with Initial Texture
 Mechanics bebavior of biomaterials of mosquito's stylets
 Two-scale modeling of discrete particulate assemblage �C Cosserat continua for granular materials
 Enhanced Patch Test and Multi-scale Anslysis
 A symplectic method for the dynamic buckling of cylindrical shells
 Chaotic dynamics analysis and control of iterative algorithms in structural optimization and reliability analysis
 Study on the mechanics and physical model of ice-induced self-excited vibration
 Trans-Scale Study on Mechanism of Initiation and Propagation of Interface Crack for Composites Sandwich Materials
 Study on the stress-strain characteristics of soils with triaxial test based on local deformation measurement
 Theoretical and experimental study of seismic reliability of long-span birdge using multiple shaking table
 Micopolar theory based multiscale computation for failure analysis of granular materials
 Analytical Structure Mechanics and Related Problems
 Design Optimization of microstructures of Left-handed-materials
 Numerical simulation for polymer forming process,optimization of injection mold design and its inverse problems
 Advanced Design Theory of ultralight materials and structures
 Structural layout and topology optimization considering efforts and performance of attitude control (Major fundamental problems of aeronautic vehicles)
 Computational Mechanics and Engineering Scientific Computations
 Numerical simulation optimization design technique of anticorrosion system for ocean engineering
 Research on the multi-scale problems in engineering of rock and concrete
 Numerical Simulation of the Mechanical Properties of Knee Joint and Optimization of Surgical Scheme
 Blast-resistant theory and numerical simulation of multi-layers compound structure
 Numerical simulations and design optimization of meso-macro thermomechanical properties for composite materials
 Structural life cycle cost evaluation considering different types of performance requirements
 Mechanism of Nanometer Oxides Detonation Synthesis
 New methods of dynamics simulations for molecular-biomacromolecular interaction
 Research on the boundary-conformity problem of Constrained Delaunay Tetrahedralization and the convergence problem of Advancing Front Technique in three dimensional mesh generation for finite element analysis
 Studies on Entropic Regularization Approach to Computational Non-smooth Mechanics
 Design optimization of Elastic wave band gap materials
 The study of micro-Raman spectroscopy for stress analysis and the application to the Raman-inactive materials
 Parametric shape optimization method of thermal-elastoplastic structures
 Exploration of Coupled Random Dynamics of Combined Multiple Structures
 Molecular dynamics simulation methods and applications in nanoscale interfacial failure analysis
 Study on the improvement and application of the digital image technique for measurement of the sample deformation in triaxial test
 Structural dynamics and stability Analysis for elastic traveling cables
 Study on Nonlinear Criteria of Fracture Failure and Semi-analytical Finite Element Method for Frozen Soil
 Investigation on the inverse couple stress problem with multi variables
 Control of Artificial Constraint Reactive Forces in Analysis of Multi-body Systems
 Dynamics and Control for Tethered Satellite Systems in a Halo Orbit
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