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Dynamics and Control for Tethered Satellite Systems in a Halo Orbit

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Tethered Satellite Systems(TSS) have been proven to be the new technique of space exploration, to  have the  fabulous  potentiality  for future space application, and to present continuously new research. We  shall develop  the complex dynamics model of TSS comprised of n  point masses and interconnected arbitrarily by m idealized tethers in a Halo orbit about the libration points to study really flexible tether dynamics characteristics including the tether  vibration, in particular, the coupling motion of tethered satellites and tether vibration. The non-linear feed-back method, such  as the feedback linearization  technique(FLT), that are more suitable  for controlling highly nonlinear, non-autonomous, coupled  systems during  deployment and retrieval processes, is used to combine and compare  with  the other control laws for regulating the attitude motion of TSS. The robust method such as the linear quadratic Gaussin/loop transfer recovery(LQG/LTR) in combination  with  the prise integration method  is first chosen to control the tether vibration using the variable tether attachment point or offset motion for deeply understanding the characteritics of  the tether vibration. Next, the coupling effect of the attitude motion and tether vibration is study. In addition, a fast, prise,real-time and easy-implementation controller  is developed  by combining and comparing with  each other in order  to realize  the synchronous control of the coupled motion. The reliably theoretic and practical foundation  is provided for our  nation��s space exploration and safety.

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