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Study on the improvement and application of the digital image technique for measurement of the sample deformation in triaxial test

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This project aims to further the research on the digital image processing technique for soil specimen deformation measurement in triaxial test, consisting of improving the measurement accuracy, enhancing the function of local deformation measurement, applying the technique to dynamical triaxial test, finalizing the system design and providing an extensible sample product. It also aims to further the research on local deformation measurement in shearing bands and to investigate how the results of local deformation measurement influence the stress-strain model parameters for soils. A database based on the digital image measuring technique will be built to make the triaxial test data be sharable by researchers through the Internet. Applying non-contact video extensometer to the traditional triaxial test is a great advancement of the specimen deformation measurement. It is of great significance for the research of soil stress-stain property and is of obvious practical value.

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