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Design optimization of Elastic wave band gap materials

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For many periodic materials or structures there are intervals of frequencies (band gap) for which no propagating wave exists. These materials or structures have important potential applications in frequency filters with control of pass or stop bands, waveguides, sound or vibration protection devices. It is becoming an important research goal of many researchers to find and design materials or structures with wide and low frequency band gaps. In this project, the design theory of band gap materials will be investigated by utilizing the topology optimization technique and based on the idea of integrated design optimization of material microstructure and structural configuration. The purpose of this project is to formulate a systematic method for designing the microstructures with wider and lower frequency band gaps. The main contents include: Study the propagation of elastic waves in periodic materials and structures, develop space-time multiscale method on analysis of wave propagation; Investigate the design theory of materials with widest and prescribed positions of frequency band gaps, formulate a level set based model for topology optimization of band gap materials; Develop a high-efficiency technique to solve Max-min optimization problem met in material design; Analyze the scale effect of materials and the effects of boundary conditions, viscous damping and imperfection on band gaps. The propagation of elastic waves in new developed materials such as lattice materials and porous material will be studied, and some band gap lattice materials will be designed as examples.


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