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Numerical simulation for polymer forming process,optimization of injection mold design and its inverse problems

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This project is to develop physical and mathematical models for polymer injection process, study efficient numerical algorithms, implement dynamic simulation analyses and conduct complex 3D flow simulation of visco-elastic materials. Upon the above-mentioned developments, establish models for parameter inversion of polymer injection process and mold design optimization and develop corresponding theories and effective algorithms. Furthermore, it is planned to develop a parallel system integrating numerical simulation and mold optimization with high performance parallel computer, in order to overcome the computational bottleneck of large-scale engineering problems. To be oriented with engineering applications, polymer injection simulations and mold design optimizations will be finally integrated to produce an applied software containing all of above aspects. Study grid computing techniques for polymer manufactures and mold optimizations, and develop specific grids for polymer injection process and mold design. This project aims at accelerating  the modernization of polymer manufacture and mold design, and promoting the fast development of polymer industries of our country.

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