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Study on the mechanics and physical model of ice-induced self-excited vibration

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The model of ice-induced self-excited vibration advanced by maattanen has been widely applied now. While at the same time, there are still some controversies on it, mainly because of less convincing data and no appropriate mechanism explanation for the phenomenon. Field data were obtained from ice-insisted structures in Bohai Bay. Ice-induced steady-state vibration was observed, and conditions for it were ascertained. Then the physical process of the vibration is explained by the steady and unstable crazing of ice internal crack. This project based on the field tests on real structure and the initiative loading lab-test on ice-flexible structure interacting system, in which way the analysis results of field and lab test data can be combined. Then applicants study on the theory of non-linear vibration and the crack damage of ice material, which is concerned to ice-induced vibration. In this way, the ice-induced self-exited vibration function will be established for the practical structure design and universality. The conclusions can be used to forecast the ice-induced self-excited vibration, calculate structure response and select vibration mitigation methods. Also there will be practical significance for the design of ice resisted structure in cold region.

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