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Mechanics bebavior of biomaterials of mosquito's stylets

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Biomechanics and biomaterials have recently received a wide attention by mechanics and material scientists. This area is considered as one of the important research directions in mechanics and materials. The present project, taking the mosquito's stylets as the studied samples, investigates why the mosquito's stylets have high strength and high elasticity, and tries to find the biophyiscs property and the biomechanics mechanism. We will first study the nano/microstructure and components of the mosquito's stylets, find the mechanics property of nano/micro mechanics, and set up the nano/micro mechanics model. Then we will use this model to predict and optimize the mechanics behavior of the related materials. The basic experimental data, mechanics model, analysis and experimental methods wil be supplied. Combining the related scientific problems in biomedical and MEMS areas, a practical application possibility will be discussed.


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