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Research on the Mechanism of Nano-oxide Multi-gas Detonation Synthesis

2015年04月06日 16:47  点击:[]

The multi-gas phase detonation provides a new method to produce nano-oxide in this project. Firstly, nanometer titanium oxide/silicon dioxide will be researched respectively, with explosion sources ignited, which consists of hydrogen and oxygen. In the process of detonation, explosion velocity and explosion pressure will be measured. The corresponding relationships between nano-oxide powder characters and parameters of explosion sources are studied on different conditions. Basing on the experimental results, preparatory theory analysis and calculation will be studied also. The multi-gas phase detonation provides a controlled method of producing pure nano-oxide. Compared with common method, it��s complementary and potentially substitutable method on many aspects to produce nanometer titanium oxide/nanometer silicon dioxide. The results will provide experimental datum for studying shock wave propagation in shock tube and producing nano-powder with detonation.


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