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Advanced Design Optimization Theory of Ultralight Porous Materials and Structures

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The main purpose of this project is to investigate the integrated design of materials and structure, the innovative design of material��s microstructure with prescribed properties (such as zero-thermal expansion, positive Poisson ratio, specific mechanics, electricity, magnetism, thermal couple), ultralight structure design with high energy to weight ratio and strength to weight ratio, and with stiffness to weight ratio and to propose the formulation and corresponding solving method of the related optimization problem with the design variables in different scales. The advanced theory of designing the innovative configuration of ultralight porous materials and structure will be presented. To meet the special performance and functional demands of materials and structure in transportation facilities with high energy dissipation (such as automobiles, high speed trains), the new method and theory will be provided that can help designer to find, cognizance and give the new ultralight structural configuration design with high strength to weight ratio and stiffness to weight ratio. By designing the configuration of the macrostructure, the properties of materials can be utilized sufficiently and the aim of reducing the structural weight can be realized based on meeting the demands of performance and function. By designing the configuration of the microstructure, the materials with lightweight and prescribed properties can be gained. Especially, the integrated design strategy of material��s microstructure and structural configurations, the reasonable configure of materials and structural geometry can be attained, the performance of whole structure is improved and the weight of whole structure is reduced.

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