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Highly Efficient Vibro-acoustic Analysis of Structures with Random Parameters

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The National Science Foundation Program, No. 11172056, 2012.1-2015.12


Launch vehicles, missiles, aircrafts, high-speed trains and other high-tech industrial equipments may experience very wide band random loads during their service process. These random loads are usually noise, aerodynamic noise or caused by track irregularity. The vibration and sound radiation will not only cause local fatigue to the structure, but also make cabins (or cars) to form a awful dynamic environment and can cause acoustic fatigue, thus the security of the entire system, reliability and comfort will greatly reduced. Currently, for the finite element and boundary element methods as well as the statistical energy analysis, there are still great difficulties to deal with this vibro-acoustic problem at mid- (or medium) frequencies. To this end, the project based on the hybrid finite element - statistical energy analysis approach, the system is divided into a number of two kinds of mutually coupling subsystems. One kind of subsystem uses the finite element model while the other is based on the basic principles of statistical energy analysis. The effects of the random parameters in the finite element subsystems will be investigated by promoting and deepening the pseudo-excitation method and symplectic mathematics. The assumption of the non-parameter random model will be expanded by combining with the random matrix theory. A highly efficient vibroacoustic analysis of structures with random parameters at mid-frequencies will be developed by fully considering the randomness of the structural parameters.

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