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Theoretical Research on Topology Design of Absorption Material and Structure

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Project Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), No. 11172052, 2012.1-2015

Shutian LIU

The intent of this project is to investigate and develop systematical theories and general methods for designing the microstructural configurations of materials exhibiting high-efficient soundproofing property in a specific frequency range. The main objectives are to establish theories and methods for the design of microstructures of sound insulation material (minimum transmission), sound-absorbing materials (minimum reflectivity) and high damping material. The research focus on the following contents: Establishment of topology optimization method for designing new configurations of soundproofing materials by studying the description and evolution of the micro-structure configuration and equivalent acoustic impedance analyzing technology; Development of analysis methods for coupled acoustic structural problems in the propagation of sound wave in the materials with pores or inclusions; Research on the influences of sizing effect and damping in the finite size on the soundproofing performance; Establishment of multilevel material design theory in specific or desired frequency ranges considering the effect of the geometry and the property of multi-phase materials on the soundproofing property; Design of several typical high performance soundproofing materials (such as layered structure, porous structure, et.) with the specific soundproofing need for wheel track.

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