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Discrete element model for sea ice dynamic-thermodynamic process and its application

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The National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 41176012,2012.1-2015.12

Shunying JI

The discrete distributions of sea ice, such as breakup, rafting and ridging, etc., exist in polar and subpolar regions widely, and affect the sea ice melting and drifting processes. According the non-continuous characteristics of sea ice on various scales, the discrete element model can be developed to simulate the sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics, and to perfect the sea ice numerical model with high computational precision. Therefore, the discrete element model (DEM) will be established to describe the sea ice dynamic-thermodynamic process considering the non-continuous distributions and deformation of ice cover. Considering the influences of temperature and salinity on sea ice freezing strength, the breakup, collision, rafting and ridging processes of ice cover will be simulated with DEM under the drags of wind and current, and the fluctuations of tide and wave. According to the sea ice growth characteristics and engineering requirements in the Bohai Sea, the parallel computation will be developed to simulate the sea ice in full and local fields with high accuracy and efficiency. While the computational parameters and simulated results will be determined and verified with satellite images, field observations and indoor experiments. In this study, the discrete element model and sea ice numerical model will be combined to develop a effective mechanical-numerical approach for sea ice. This study will be great helpful on the investigation of sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics.

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