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Research on exact geometry-based Quasi-conforming analysis method

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Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 11272075,2013.1-2015.12

Ping HU

The direct CAE simulation with CAD models is a recent research focus, which can avoid complex, time-consuming mesh generation process and accelerate industrial product design and manufacturing cycle. Our group proposed the exact geometry based quasi-conforming analysis, which combines the isogeometric analysis and quasi-conforming finite element method and provides a solution for the CAD model based simulation. This method breaks the concept of isoparametric and spline and polynomial functions are used separately as trial functions for geometry and physical space. This project focuses on the exact geometry based quasi-conforming and conduct research on the theoretical framework, element formulation and management for non-conforming model. This project improves the exact geometry based quasi-conforming framework and provide a sound solution for CAD based analysis. The research results include both the theoretical algorithm and commercially available software modules, which are of great value for academic research and industrial applications.

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