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High performance decoupling parallel algorithm for large-scale unstructured tetrahedral mesh generation

2015年04月08日 18:56  点击:[]

The National Science Foundation of China, No. 11272074, 2013.1-2015.12

Zhenqun GUAN

For large-scale numerical simulations, we investigate parallel mesh generation method and propose a high quality and effectiveness decoupled parallel tetrahedral mesh generation algorithm, and establish a general platform for mesh parallel generation, to resolve mesh generation, mesh smoothing, remeshing and reposition problems in large-scale numerical simulation. We study domain decomposition approaches, and propose a virtually inducting decomposition method based on AFT-Delaunay mesh generation to enhance element quality around sub-domain boundary. We research a reposition-based mesh optimization method, and propose a decoupled ball-vertex method to reduce the degree of coupling and increase the speed of optimization in classic spring analogy. We study high-effective mesh data structure, and propose node-element based topology data structure to reduce data redundancy, and enhance data inquiring, adding, deleting and updating operations for unstructured mesh data. We study un-manifold constrained AFT-Delaunay mesh generation method, and propose octree-based inner nodes generation method to improve the speed of mesh generation in sub-domain. Also, we utilize the above studies to achieve the parallel mesh generation in 1-10 billions elements magnitude, and establish a parallel mesh generation software platform which provide modeling technical support for large-scale numerical simulation.

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