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Study and optimal design on the principle of the energy absorption structures based on the technology of surface self-nanocrystallization

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The National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 11372070), 2014.1-2016.12

Xinsheng XU

In this foundation project, the energy absorption of elastic-plastic cylindrical shells is considered as a breakthrough based on the technology of surface self-nanocrystallization. Then, others classical shells can be discussed further. The research contents include: to analyze the impact of nanotechnology on the mechanical behavior of materials and the relationship between yield stress and buckling of structures, to reveal characteristics of the path on structural buckling and final buckling mode for nanotechnology local processing and distribution and the inducing rules of post-buckling modes of shells aid of nanotechnology, To exhibit the energy absorption and residual plastic strain for various buckling path and the final buckling mode of the structures, To present a new design principle of energy absorption structures aid the technology of surface self-nanocrystallization. By the research, the study ideas are updated tentatively, a new way is explored for the design of absorbing device and the development of crossed subjects is promoted.

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