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Dynamic Contact Analysis of Flexible Multibody Systems With Nested Topological Structure

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Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.11372057, 2014.1 -2016.12)

Zhaohui QI

A prominent characteristic in the dynamics of the multibody system composed by several nested bodies with hollow structure, is its vertical vibration can be excited by the axial movements of bodies in the system resulted from the deformations and contact forces including frictions, which has been inducing many difficulties in the process of accurate positioning of the work platform of large scale telescopic booms, and motivated a urgent need for the systematically and profoundly investigation in the dynamic contact analysis of such kind of multibody systems.

In a nested flexible multibody system, contacts between deformed bodies are kind of surface to surface contacts and their areas change with times, resulting in many hard tasks that can’t be surmounted by the traditional methodology in which bodies are discretized separately through finite elements first and then a large number of constraint equations are employed to enhance the conditions of contacts among bodies.

In this project, through the study of frictional contacts in nested flexible multibody systems, we would present a quite different methodology in which all the bodies are modeled simultaneously with a common share element shape function, and present a more accurate model of distributed contact forces in the system, and then present an efficient and reliable method of the control of driving axial force in telescopic booms to restrain their residual oscillations.  

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