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Influence and the countermeasure on stability of seabed structure foundation during the decomposition of shallow hydrates in deep water

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National Science and Technology Major Project. No. 2011ZX05026-004-07, 2011-2015

Yongchen SONG, Longtan SHAO

This project is subtopic of the National Science and Technology Major Project. Based on the analysis of mechanical properties of gas hydrate bearing sediments and its influence on the structure, the experimental and theoretical research on the stability of seabed structures during the decomposition of hydrates will be done. At the same time, risk aversion countermeasures will be given and the stability of hydrates zone bearing seabed structures will be evaluated. This project mainly focuses on following topics:①development of triaxial test apparatus for the research of mechanical properties of hydrates sediments; ②research of mechanical constitutive properties considering the decomposition of hydrate;③development of numerical computation software for numerically simulating stability of hydrates zone.

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