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Liwan 3-1 Oil and Gas Field Corrosion Monitoring and Anticorrosion System Design

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The Subtopic of National Science and Technology Major Project of China, No. 2011ZX05056-001-07, 2011-2015


This topic belongs to the national science and technology major project "Deepwater oil and gas geological disaster risk assessment and development project design of the north continental slope of the South China Sea (Liwan 3-1 and the surroundings)". The research of this topic includes two aspects, one is the real-time monitoring technology research of submarine pipeline internal corrosion and another is the anticorrosion system design technology research of the ocean engineering equipment. The main research  of real-time monitoring technique of submarine pipeline internal corrosion is to research the real-time monitoring technology of the submarine pipeline internal corrosion which is based on resistance method, and develop a prototype of the real-time monitoring device; the research of ocean engineering anticorrosion system design technology includes coating system research and cathodic protection technology research of marine structures, and the research objects are mainly jacket platform, submarine pipeline, manifol, carbon steel, SUS316L stainless steel and dual phase steel. The research of this topic includes theory, numerical analysis, indoor experiment and pilotscale experiment.

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