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Sloshing in FLNG/FLPG tank

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Sub-project of the National Science and Technology Major Project,, No. 2011ZX05026-06-06, 2011-2015

Wenshou ZHANG, Shilun RUAN, Qianjin YUE, Xiangjun BI

This project is one of sub-projects of National Scientific and Technological Major Project “Key issues of large FLNG/FLPG and FDPSO”. FLNG with large containers keeps in service beyond 20 years at an offshore gas field. Ship motion can result in dramatic liquid sloshing in partial filled tank, which affects the safety of the tank and stability of the ship. Hence, sloshing in tanks becomes a key problem to be solved for FLNG. This project mainly focuses the studies on (1) temporal and spacial distribution of sloshing load in FLNG containers; (2) structural response under the sloshing load; (3) experimental equipment and technologies of liquid sloshing and model tests.

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