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Key technologies of design and test of subsea flexible pipe and its auxiliaries

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The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), No. 2012AA09A212,2012-2015

Qianjin YUE

This project is one of the fifteen projects of the 863 program “Key Technologies and Equipments for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in Deepwater”. The flexible pipe is the important lifeline connecting the top floater and the subsea well in the development of offshore oil and gas, which is need to ensure the oil/gas transportation and to endure the dynamic loads because of the extreme and complex ocean environments. It is also required to be used safely for at least 25 years. This project mainly focuses the studies on (1) Global design of flexible pipes, including the section design, end-fitting design and the auxiliaries;(2) Analysis of flexible pipes, including the static analysis and the fatigue analysis;(3) Tests of flexible pipes;(4) Manufacture for the auxiliaries of flexible pipes. The aim of the project is to break through the key technologies of flexible pipes, form the capabilities for design, manufacture and test of flexible pipes. The achievements will comprise the software for design and analysis of flexible pipes and auxiliaries, the samples of the flexible riser and the auxiliary for the typical dynamic ocean environment in Southen China Sea, such as the water depth 300 meters, and for the water injection. The test system for flexible pipes and auxiliaries is requested.

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