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Optimization for polymer molding process and mold design

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The National Key Basic Research and Development Program of China (973 Program), No. 2012CB025905,2012-2017

Xicheng WANG

This project is one of the six projects of the 973 program “Key Problems study in the Simulation of Polymer Processing and Mold Design&Manufacture”. The main goal of the project is to introduce multiple physical field excitations (such as ultrasonic and electromagnetic and so on) into injection molding for improving product performance and quality. The multi-objective optimization models and methods with multi-physical field and multi-scale problems for processing conditions control and mold design will be developed, providing theoretical and technical support of polymer products used for the strategic purposes; enhancing our national competitiveness in the aspects of polymer processing and mold industry.

The main content of the project are: (1) establish multi-field, multi-scale optimization model of process control and mold design for improving mechanics and mechanical performances and quality of the plastic products; (2) develop the new methods for molecular dynamics simulation under multi-physical fields, enriching the method system of microscopic analysis process and improving the space-time scale and precision of the microscopic simulation for forming processes; (3) develop multi-field, multi-level, multi-scale optimization methods and software, constructing a computing platform for polymer molding process and die optimization.

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