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Life-cycle performance monitoring, prototype validation and safety assessment for deepwater platform structures

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The National Key Basic Research and Development Program of China (973 Program), No. 2011CB013705, 2011-2016

Qianjin YUE

This project is one of the five projects of the 973 program “The extreme environmental action on deepwater engineering structures and full service life safety”.

In order to enhance the development of ocean petroleum in South China Sea, prototype validation based on in-situ monitoring is present for insuring the long-term safety and improving the design ability for deepwater platform structure. This project mainly focuses the studies on: (1) Developing the specified monitoring sensors for ocean platform system and building up the monitoring network system; (2) Establishing real-time monitoring system for the platform assembles during the whole service life for Liuhua platform in South China Sea. (3)Developing the corresponding theory and methods for the safety assessment of deep-water platform; Enriching and improving the present disaster models, computational methods and experimental techniques based on the monitored data.

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