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Project “Evolution mechanisms and computational model for modeling of progressive failure process of geo-structures” under the program entitled “Theoretical and numerical studies for prediction of failure process of infrastructures due to geologic disaste

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 The National Key Basic Research and Development Program of China (973 Program), 2010CB731502, 2010.1-2014.12.

 Xikui LI

 The project aims (1) to study the progressive failure process from local material damage to perfoliate structural damage occurring in geological media; (2) to reveal microscopic mechanisms of the transition of the geological media from continuous to discontinuous states and then to formulate the corresponding criterion for determining the transition; (3) to present the relationship between intrinsic microscopic failure state variables and measurable macroscopic physical quantities at the stage of geologic disaster formation and relevant theoretical frame through the modelling of acoustic emissions generated by  sliding friction caused in the progressive failure process, furthermore, to establish the relation between the microscopic and macroscopic internal state variables describing the failure evolution and engineering and environmental disturbances of the geologic medium; (4) to develop mathematical and mechanical models and numerical methods for describing the failure evolution process from continuous to discontinuous state of geologic media.   

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