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Design theories and methods for new generation integrated software platform for computational mechanics

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The National Key Basic Research and Development Program of China (973 Program), No. 2010CB832704, 2010.1-2014.12

Hongwu ZHANG, Biaosong CHEN

This project is one of six projects of the national 973 program “Some frontier problems of computational mechanics and multi-field coupling in digital tool for development of complex equipment”. The project aims at the key scientific problem “architecture and design patterns of integrated software platform for computational mechanics”. The project plans to employ advanced techniques and methods of computer software and hardware, and to assimilate the good results of current software systems for scientific and engineering computation, and to integrate up-to-date methods for computational mechanics. The objective of the project is to realize pursuant and leap-forward development in this regard and then to implement an integrated software platform with copyright for computational mechanics. Main researches include: 1) research on the enabling technologies of software platform for computational mechanics; 2) Software design methods and techniques of finite element analysis for structural-multidisciplinary and multiscale problems; 3) Design methods of integrated software platform for computational mechanics.

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