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  The State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis for Industrial Equipment, located at the campus of Dalian University of Technology (DUT), was founded with a loan from the World Bank in 90’s, and was approved for opening in 1995 by National Education Committee.              MORE...
    International Academic Exchanges

Prof.Zhong Wanxie attened The third International Symposium on Computational Mechanics (ISCM III)-in conjunction with the second symposium on Computational Structural Engineering (CSE II) (2011.12.5-12.7)(点击:)

Prof.J.S. Rao from Koneru Lakshmaiah, India, visited the lab. (2011.11.28)(点击:)
    Main Research Projects
 Some Frontier Problems of Computational Mechanics and Multi-Field Coupling in Digital Tool for Development of Complex Equipment
 Structural and Multi-disciplinary optimization methods considering uncertainty and multi-function
 Design theories and methods for new generation integrated software platform for computational mechanics
 Theories and methods on hot forming of auto body high strength steel (HSS) which is belong to the project entitled “Digital design of auto body lightweight and crash safety”
 Project “Evolution mechanisms and computational model for modeling of progressive failure process of geo-structures” under the program entitled “Theoretical and numerical studies for prediction of failure process of infrastructures due to geologic disaste
    Research Fields
 Theories and method of computational mechanics and engineering science computation.
 Modern theory and algorithm of structural optimization.
 Development and application of research on large-scale engineering computational software system.
 Experiment, analysis and assessment of major projects and industrial structures and equipments under complex circumstances.

DI-MultiMode NS3A-02 Atomic Force Microscope(点击:)
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