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Structural dynamics and stability Analysis for elastic traveling cables

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    The nonlinear vibration response and stability are investigated for elastic cables traveling in their axial direction. The main contents of this project include:(1) Derivation of equations of motion in the framework of Hamiltonian systems for elastic traveling cables in small vibrations. (2) Exact modal analysis for linear vibration of traveling cables with arbitrary boundary conditions. (3) Nonlinear modes and modal iterations analysis for elastic traveling cables. (4) Study of approximate solutions and numerical simulations including symbolic computation oriented multiple time scale method with second-order accuracy and its Maple realization, higher-order Galerkin approach based on the exact modal functions and nonlinear dynamic finite element method and program development based on the Incremental Harmonic Balance Method. (5) Periodic response, stability and bifurcation analyses for self-excited vibration of elastic traveling cables under aerodynamic loadings caused by the ���� wind. This project is initiated by applications of one-dimensional continua found in manufacture industries, transportation apparatus, aerospace and national defenses, etc.. By means of theoretical analyses and numerical computations the mechanism of nonlinear vibration of traveling structural systems will be studied, and their complicated dynamical characteristics will be determined. Methods for vibration response and stability analyses will be developed as a consequence of the project.

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