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Numerical simulations and design optimization of meso-macro thermomechanical properties for composite materials

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The project is to investigate the methods of numerical modeling and design optimization for composite material and structural systems considering interrelations of meso-macro scales and the coupling effects of thermomechanical interactions. The studied objects are metal matrix composites, functional graded materials and their structural systems which have complicated configurations in meso-scale and are widely employed in the temperature-related environment. The efforts will be on the mathematical modeling methods, theory and computational schemes of heat transfer and structural analysis in meso-macro scales. Based on the homogenization theory, it is planed to develop a set of numerical analysis methods including multiscale and interdisciplinary problems, to study the sensitivity analysis theory and computational schemes suitable for the meso and macro scales design variables, to construct the sensitivity-based design optimization model and solution system, to conduct the research of simultaneous topology design optimization in meso and macro scales.


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