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Multifunctional Design Method of Aircraft Load-bearing Structures for Additive Manufacturing

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The Key Project Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), No. 11332004, 2014.1-2018.12

Shutian LIU

Acclaimed as the most representative manufacturing technology in the “third industrial revolution”, additive manufacturing rapidly developed in 30 years has the ability of making highly complex structures of virtually any shape from a digital model, which fundamentally solved the problem of “How to Make” designated as one of the two key problems in full-scale production. For the other key problem of “What to Make” in the field of multi-functional design of aircraft structures, this project aims to develop a systematic theory and method for the design of multi-functional structures and propose effective methods for the design of the manufacturing process applicable to residual stress relaxation. The project will include the following contents and achievements: 1) establish and propose theories and methods including design methods and multi-scale characterization method for hierarchical structures, integrated design methods of structural configuration and material layout of heterogeneous gradient materials, multi-functional collaborative design method and so on, thus, propose effective structural configurations of hierarchical materials, heterogeneous gradient materials and channel-embedded multifunctional panel structures integrating functions of load bearing, oil transmission and heat transfer; 2) investigate and propose the design method for the trajectory of the laser melt pool, area layout method in the block and integer melting process, and propose machining process schemes to minimize the residual thermal stresses.

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