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Seismic failure modes of large structures and damage-reduction system optimum design

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The Major Research Plan of the National Natural Science Foundation, Grand No. 91315301-11, 2013.1-2015.12

Gang LI

To study the seismic failure modes and collapse control of large structures, the following topics are considered: analytical method and technology of automatic recognition of seismic failure modes of structures, optimization of failure modes of structures and enhancement of aseismic capability of the whole structure, energy-balance based nonlinear seismic response analysis and optimization of failure modes of large structure, structural optimization design theory based on controllability of failure modes of the whole structure, robustness analysis of progressive collapse resistance capacity of large structure by using probabilistic risk assessment approach, research on the principle and method for design of control elements to improve progressive collapse resistance capacity and study collapse behavior.

To study seismic damage-reduction system optimum design of large structures, the following topics are considered: framework of the damage-reduction system of typical structures, distribution law of designed function and mechanical properties of the damage-reduction system, mechanism of collaboration between damage-reduction system and main functional system, seismic failure modes of structures with damage-reduction, efficient algorithm based on surrogate model for developing and improving structural system with damage-reduction, experimental research and numerical simulation of typical structural system with damage-reduction, optimal design of typical structural system with damage-reduction, multilevel damage-reduction design of structure, which is “beneficial” for migration of stable topology configuration when it is “fused”, reliability analysis of overall capacity of damage-prevention from optimal design of damage-reduction of structure.

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